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PET / HDPE bottle cleaning line

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This production line is mainly used to deal with the daily life of abandoned mineral water bottles, beverage bottles, Coke bottles and other PET plastic bottles recycling recycling. Will be recycled PET bottles through the whole bottle pre-treatment (for pre-treatment pre-treatment links, according to our existing experience Green Fung mechanical stripping and steam separation and disassembly of two options for customers to choose, to deal with bottle-type, , Washing, washing, dehydration, drying, secondary crushing, impurity removal selection, packaging package. It is processed into PET vials. According to the different uses of finished products and different raw materials in different regions, combined with our nearly 20 years experience in PET recycling processing tailored to customers the most economical and practical process, including production line process planning, factory layout planning, production line sewage treatment Program planning and so on.