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Vertical Hydraulic Baler

Vertical Hydraulic Baler, Waste Paper Baler, Plastic Bottle Baling Press, Leathe

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Vertical hydraulic baler is mainly used to press and bale bulk materials, such as waste paper, plastics, scrap iron, rubbish, cotton cloth, fiber, wool, leatheroid, waste aluminum, waste copper, waste iron, stainless leftover material, which can significantly reduce the volume for easier package, transportation and decrease storage size. This has been the perfect choice of baler for paper corporation, waste paper processing factory, plastics processing industries. Compared with traditional mechanical drive baler, our vertical hydraulic baler is characteristic of small size, light weight, low movement inertia, low noise, good dynamic performance, high efficiency. Whats more, it adopts integrated control of motor, power and fluid, which can start and stop at any location and is easy to realize overload protection.