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PET Bottle Labei Remover

Gravity Label Separator, PET Flake label separator

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As our latest researched and developed device, this label separator is mainly used to separate impurities in bottle flakes, such as label, paper. The headache that PVC label and impurities are mixed with PET flakes hasnt been resolved yet, and many factories still depend on man power to separate label, which is low efficient, low quality and laborious. Based on this fact, our company has successfully designed this label separator for sorting PET flakes, thus making high quality bottle flakes available. It is applicable to sort PVC label or paper label, paper label in mixed plastic, PE label and PP label from PET bottle flakes; separate PE label and PVC label from PP bottle caps; separate self-adhesive paper, PE film-paper from HDPE bottle flake; separate PE paper from rubber and dust from granules. This label separator enjoys the advantages of automatic feeding, constant operation, variable-frequency stepless speed control, strong practicability, high efficiency and low noise, and the sorting rate can reach as high as 99.95%.